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Nestled in the corner of paradise, Club Sabah is a place for those who seek something beyond beautiful dreams. At Club Sabah, you'll find everything from sun-kissed sandy beaches to meandering mangrove rivers: from lush tropical gardens to shady natural trails. Here, you can enjoy the serenity on a hammock, worship the sun by a glistening pool, or join the fun and exciting activities with our energetic Club Kawans.info-a.gif (11090 bytes)

Exuberant flora and fauna added to the tranquil tropic that will entice you and your family into an extraordinary experience.

Pamper yourself with all of the comforts of Club Sabah and indulge in the pleasure of Sabah, Malaysia, "the land below the wind."icon-reservation.gif (1162 bytes)

Location: Our resort is located on the white sand beach of South China Sea by Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia.
Address: Club Sabah Resort P. O. Box 230, 89208 Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia.
Telephone: 6-088-787-799
Facsimile: 6-088-787-775

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Isolated 48 Air-conditioned garden bungalows in mangrove reserve with bathroom, two Queen-sized bed, telephone, and personal safes.
Other facilities: laundry service & dry cleaning service, masseuse, conference center, boutique.

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White sand beach, river jetty, lake, golf course, swimming pool, speedboat, water bicycle, jet ski, craft center and more.

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Spirit bar, Karaoke singing facilities, mini disco pool, and juice counter

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Native water resort cruise, mangrove observation trail, canoeing on the river in the national mangrove reserve, hunting simulation, and more.

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