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counference-a.gif (18667 bytes)We have got all the facilities you need at your doorstep. White sand beach, meandering river, golf course, speed boat, swimming pool, bungalows, conference facilities, team-spirit stimulation facilities, restaurants, bars, karaoke and more…

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Isolated in mangrove paradise with stunning beach and river view, Club Sabah's garden bungalow is a refreshing accommodation experience, which strengthen your work spirit and stimulate rejuvenate thinking away from artificial settings of your work place. A wide variety of activities correlate your friends, you, culture, and the nature altogether.

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counference-a.gif (18667 bytes)From a resort of your own to an island of your own, Club Sabah Resort is the one for your birthday party, wedding ceremonies, functions, alumni gatherings, Rotary & Lion Club alliance arrangement and more…

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With all-inclusive packages offered with reasonable prices, pleasure is the only thing left for your colleague, friends, and staffs at Club Sabah Resort.

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