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Our exuberating Club Kawans await you for the fun and exciting, including: Scuba Diving, River Canoeing In Mangrove Reserve, Karaoke, Blowpipe, Hunting Simulation, River Water Bike, Fishing At Jetty Area, Jacuzzi, Native Tribe Cruise, Shell Digging, Golf Have A Try, Crab Catching, Batik Lesson, and more…

Visit Our Resort with Sparkling Fun for All Ages!

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Swimming Pool, Beach Volley Court, Wood Ball Course, Mangrove Reserveclub-a.jpg (15171 bytes) Canoeing, Beach Jogging, Grass Croquet Court and more. Our beautiful 18-hole golf course offers pleasure for players of all levels. This Par 72 course with Bermuda 419 provides unique and fair challenges. The total length of the course is 7,247 yards.

Fun and Outdoor Sports Are Our Specialty.

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Kids Camp! All day fun and activities just for kids. Sand Carving, Art, Craft, Kids menu, Summer Camp, Kids' swimming and games. Come on kids and let's do some kids' stuff together!

Kids are having fun with Club Kawans while you are having yours.

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Our white sand beach, coconut trees, romantic riverside jetty, sunrise view of Mountain Kanabalu, and sunset view of South China Sea make our resort a unique and sensational retreat.

Encountering the enchanting beauty at Club Sabah!

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We promise you indulgence in a delightful combination of a wide variety of club diets. Enjoy William's art works from Malay zest, Chinese Cuisine, B.B.Q. treat, Crab extravaganza, to Seafood Mania and more…

See what our Chefs cook for your relish.

Malay Zest
Sweet Sauteed Beef, Shrimp Steamed With Wine, Mush Chicken In Cabbage Pocket With Coconut Sauce, Gali Chicken, Fish Jerky With Baby Bean Stalk, Hot-Sauced Cucumber Served Cold, Stewed Beef Bone Soup, Nasi Lemak

Chinese Cuisine
Herb Chicken, Steam Fish, Beef Cooked with Chinese Broccoli, Mush Seafood In Cabbage Pocket, Shrimp Stuffed To-fu, Sweet and Sour Squid, Broth, Coconut Rice, Veggie & Fruits

B.B.Q. Treat
Roast Lamb Steak, Roast Devil-Fish, Roast Squid, Malay Sateh Chicken & Beef, Roast River Crab, Roast Corn, Salad, Pudding, Fruit

Crab Extravaganza
Steamed Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Creamy Crab, Iron Dished To-Fu, Steam Fish, Sauteed Chicken, Fried Veggie

Seafood Mania
Fried Squid, Fish Chunks With Green Pepper, Wine Steamed Crab, Wine Steamed Shrimp, To-Fu Served With Stone Bowl, Crispy Chicken, Fried Veggie, Veggie Broth.

And more.....

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